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Toothpaste for pimples

Submitted by marylou q

Use toothpaste to get rid of zits or pimples apply a little over night or if you already took your bath apply to the pimple.

The following was sent in by EvanLeviBlinn

Please people, what is with all of the miss-spelled words and abbreviations? No slang or jargon is to be written on websites!

Many of you do not follow PRECISE DIRECTIONS!

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, or water.
  2. Make sure you have PASTE not GEL. Apply to the acne and surrounding areas.
  3. Leave the treatment on for 30-60 minutes depending on your skin type.(if you feel severe burning STOP! and DO NOT leave in over night!)
  4. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Make sure that you remove all traces of acne for if you miss some it could burn your skin!
  5. Pat your skin dry. DO NOT RUB!!!
  6. Get a moisturizer and apply in a circular or left-to-right motion to your ENTIRE face.
  7. Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep and in the morning, your acne will be reduced (NOT CURED!)

Good Luck! :D

Visitors comments

Hot water Comments By: Tomoko on 2004-07-18
Get a cooton ball or flanel and soak it in boiling hot water. Dab onto the spot. It will pop immediately without scarring!
yeah Comments By: billy on 2004-07-27
Toothpaste relly does work as soon as I ready this I immedialtely put toothpaste on and it calmed my sore pimples down
toothpaste does not work Comments By: Sara on 2004-08-12
It may just be my sensitive skin, but when I used a dab of toothpaste on my pimple and kept it on over night, not only did it totally burn off the top layer or 2 of skin, but it became even more swollen and puffy and now I have a big scab where the zit was. It also really dried out the skin around my zit. So I suppose it did a good job of drying out the zit, but I don't think people with sensitive skin should use it. Unless you want an even bigger sore on your face. So my advise is to just wait for the zit to turn into a white head so you can pop it easily. Or just wait for it to burst on it's own for protection against scarring.
Burn?? Comments By: EmmaLee on 2004-08-16
Wouldn't it burn your skin and make a blister worse than a pimple or zit??
toothpate Comments By: Christie on 2004-08-19
Try using toothpaste as face mask for 30 min avoiding they eye area. It works great.

I have never used it overnight but the face mask works great for me & reduces redness. Sensitive skin might not want to try it though. Afterward my face feel increadibly clean & great.

Somtimes Comments By: annonymos on 2004-08-25
Using toothpaste to cure a zit or pimple sometimes does work it really all depends on your skin.

Try it and maybe it works for u but I have to recommend Eucerin face wash and the face cleansing lotion my skin has has less brake outs and the blackheads are almost gone and I feel clean and fresh unlike when I use a regular soap that makes my face feel dry and unclean.

For a quick pimple reliever I just pop it and wash my face and leave on toothpaste over night and wash my face in the morning and cover it up with cover up !!

Tooth paste is good sometimes Comments By: Joey Joe Joe Junior on 2004-09-14
The toothpaste works to an extent, but it doesnt do miralces. It will still take a few days for the pimple to clear up. WArning tho: I used alot of tooth paste around my mouth one night and the next morning my face was so dry it was like a rash. It looks pretty bad, and its been a week and its only just starting to clear up now..if anyone knows how to get rid of really dry red skin, let me know!
Take heed Comments By: Miss Real thing on 2004-11-01
Hi, I just finished reading you comments and I have one of my own. Toothpaste is great for skin, but under no circumstances must it be left for more than an hour after cleansing. My sister left the toothpaste on her face overnight and recieved severe burns the next morning. Do not try this at all and mark my word-1 hour/three times a week-makes you have fabolous, pimple-free skin.
dont use mint tooth paste Comments By: Anon on 2004-11-28
i have used tooth paste on my acne pimples. the 1st few times it worked great. but then i tried it again expecting the same resolts and i got brown spots as well. the toothpaste. it irritates the skin really bad. the brown spots are scabs that tried to form under the toothpaste from the damage of the mint,it burns the skin. try a non mint toothpaste.
it only burns irf you use mint toothpaste Comments By: tess on 2004-11-28
Any tooth paste works: Comments By: Anon on 2004-12-01
Mint toothpaste or any toothpaste would work on pimples. the reason it burned is because it drying out the pimple dissolving dirt and oils. If you get scaps then your face is to sensitive.Out of all the people I ask . they use it and don't get pimples. I myself use it to. It works better than the AVERAGE ACNE MASK.
Toothpaste Comments By: toothpaste on 2004-12-10
toothpaste works really well, even though it might burn people with sensitive skin, for others it is a miracle!
owesome Comments By: Sand Gigga on 2004-12-28
it works try it for few hrs if ur sensitive skin like me and if ur not over night zits are done gone over nite ... voossh amazing im gonna patent this idea
toothpaste has ruined my week Comments By: Bexy on 2005-01-05
Toothpaste does help rid of spot but leaves scarring and my skin is not sensitive at all. Now i have to go about all week with a large scab and the spot still under my skin. Any overnight help? Please!
Owie Comments By: Sam on 2005-01-19
I had toothpaste on my pimples for about only 20 minutes, I rinsed it off and now it hurts. I never thought I had sensitive skin.. but I guess I do.
It works Comments By: sarah on 2005-01-25
It seriously works iv tryed it i tried mint n it didnt burn or scar my face it just dryed the pimple out so yeah!!!!!
NOT RECOMMENDED Comments By: Dr.waelmaher on 2005-02-22
I think it would be better to leave ur pimples to fadeout naturally (No squeezing+No tooth paste = No scars) if its annoying you.. i recommend to seek medical advice cuz only a doctor who can decide the type of ur skin and the best treatment for it
Toothpaste Plus... Comments By: Cristi Morrison on 2005-03-02
Leaving anything as drying as toothpaste on your skin overnight is damaging, even if your skin is dramatically oily. Instead, apply the toothpaste only to the affected areas. After 15-20 minutes wash your face with a 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water. This removes the toothpaste completely and works as a mild antiseptic.

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mask of toothpastedoes work Comments By: anthony013 on 2009-10-11
ok so before i take a shower i get a tube of toothpaste and apply to myface then i get in the shower and keep it on till halfway through then i wash it off and use mosturizing body wash to clean my face frm the tooth paste leaving my skin sof smooth andzitless
shitty Comments By: melissa on 2009-10-15
well i used toothpaste on my pimples 3 days in a row, i actually left it one my skin overnight..the first day i saw dramatic changes the pimples were completly dried out so i thought hmm this might work....the next couple of days went ok till the thrid night when i woke and and washed my face my skin was leathery and peeling!!! i have big blothches around my cheeks that look like i have over applied blush on my cheeks...luckily i am at home for the entire week so im trying to find some remedies to cure it before i get back to school...its been 6 hours since i put honey on the inflammed parts of my face i did notice the red decreasing a bit but the leathery texture and peeling is still there HELP ME! any ideas on a quick cure?
read Comments By: Charles Barkley on 2009-10-17
Try reading your comment before you post it. Look for spelling errors and put some effort into using proper grammar. I am amazed at how many of you are seemingly morons.
my say counts Tooth paste is A OKAY! Comments By: Egyptian on 2009-10-17
Listen up, tooth paste works if you DONT LEAVE IT ON UR FACE OVER NITE!. This is not good at all, Im sorry for anyone who has tried this. If you dont want to try proactive, you should just try the mask I use it for spot treatments and it works great if your acne is very mild the use the mask for your whole face. But remember if you buy pro active or any treatment that you read how you are supposed to use it. The mask should only be done 1 or 2 nites a week. Or yes your skin will become like snakes skin. Using toothpaste is almost same as a mask however has an effective amount of NaF in it which dries your skin at much faster rate.
If I cheap out and dont use pro active mask, I put a big blob of tooth past and make a mask. Instantly you will feel the hotcool sensation on the acne. Leave it on for 30mins or until you can crack the dry toothpaste on your face by smiling. This is when you know you've used enough PRODUCT on your face FOR LONG ENOUGH. Rinse off with hot water and then rinse face off with cold water to close your facial pores. Cold water can help in a shower too, although no one likes a cold shower rinsing your face with cold blood shut water for 15secs helps your facial poresto not we wide open from a hot shower.
I definately feel for all of you still dealing with mild acne. I have been there, I still have scars on my forehead from pimples ontop of pimples I had in high school and you know back then I didnt know how to deal with these pimple mountains. So I took a razor and sliced them off. I couldnt look in the mirror knowing something was sticking out 1/2in.

oh brother.... Comments By: ashley on 2009-10-22
some of you anti-mint people arent the brightest bulbs are you? most facial masks out there have mint oils and extracts in them. thats why they feel so fresh on your skin. i use toothpaste twice a week as a thin mask... leave it for 20-30 mins and rinse with hot then cold water and use an oil free moisterizer. i have beautiful clear skin. i would never waste money on proactive or anything like it. but i only have mild acne so im not sure what to do with severe acne or blackheads!! good luck to you all.
Just Try It!!!!!!!! Comments By: EXPERIENCE on 2009-10-22
I tried the toothpaste thing and believe me it does work!!! You actually have to mix the paste with water to make it then, then you reb a thin layer on you face and let it air dry. Unce the paste is dry you dry it off and presto BEAUTIFUL SKIN!!!!
It does work! Also use TruBlend for moisture Comments By: Sam on 2009-10-28
Ok, So I am 16 started using toothpaste about 8-9 months ago and let me tell you what! My face looks AMAZING!!! I use arm and hammer with baking soda toothpaste ad it truly has worked wonders for me! Gel toothpaste or mint doesn't do anything but make your face look worse. The paste works best. I wash my face 2X a day 3-4 times a week with it.I wash my face with warm water and then put the paste on my forehead, nose, and chin or where ever there is a pimple. I leave it o for 20 to 30 min and then I rinse it with cool water. It may sting when you put it on the first couple of times but after that it won't.
I HIGHLY reccomend that anyone try this!!! I tried everything from Proactive to Neutrogena and nothing worked but toothpaste did after just using it once I saw a difference. It took maybe 5 ddays to a week for my face to be completly clear and my face has NEVER been so clear! Just try it and if it doesn't work for you than it doesn't but it's worth a shot!
I also use TruBled whipped foundation every day and it moisturizes your skin thoughout the day so that also helps not to mention both will make your face completely flawless!!! And they are the only 2 things I use on my face! I would never lie to anyone! It works!!! So just try it. What do you have to loose? BUt you have to remember you will still get those occassional monthly brakeouts but there won't be near as many pimples, trust me!

I hope it works for you and that you will feel more comfortable in your new skin! =)

YESSS! (: Comments By: Ashley on 2009-11-05
im 16 and it works GREAT for my face. I have only used it twice yesterday and twice today and now my bumps are barely noticeable. NO make up for school tomorrow!
It burnt my skin Comments By: sadgirl on 2009-11-08
Uhm yeah.. it burnt my skin :(
k, Comments By: anon on 2009-11-09
CLEARLY it's different for everyone, just because it didn't work with your skin type, doesn't mean it won't with others. i've been putting tooth paste on for quite some time and it works great for me, it tingles a little, but that can be a good sign.
My Routine, Toothpaste and Sudocrem Comments By: Emily on 2009-11-22
This is what helps me have clear skin:
1. cleanse- this removes dirt and oil
2. tone- helps alot with oily skin
3.moisturise- if you have frequent acne outbreaks use a light, oil-free moisturise
4. use a dab of toothpaste- only for 30 minutes or if you have sensitive skin use a dab of sudocrem

zit Comments By: HealthDoc on 2009-11-24
alright this sounds disgusting, but it really does work.
during the day make sure you drink loads of water and when it comes to night time urinate in a bowl or cup you dont use and rub the urine into your skin. leave for an hour then wash off with hot water then cold water! remember hot water opens your paw's allowing dirt to get in so cold water closes them. try it! amazing...

great Comments By: Justin on 2009-11-27
i first tried it on one or two pimples and it made them smaller almost immediately and now i just tried it as a facial. leave on for 30 mins and then wash off and then if u want use some mild moisturizer and you will have amazing results. I have heard that it is bad for some people with sensitive skin so if u r not sure just try it on one small pimple or if you have them on your body, try there. Best of luck
OMGG! :]] Comments By: secretoo :P on 2009-12-05
It works amaiseing! i put this blue toothpaste with little mints in it with a white minty tooth paste, left it on for an hour, and omg!
it depends! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-06
i got a bad pimple and typed this in because i didnt know what to do BUT it depends on if you have sensitive skin or not if you get erritaded with skin products or others for the face DONT USE THIS! you will wake up withh scabs and puffy red pimples. if you dont have sesntive skin give it a try BUT do NOT put a lot and only on the pimple not the whole face and wake up and wash it throuly and put lotion/ neosporen on ur pimple and it will be okay.
First try results Comments By: Adrian on 2009-12-07
Well.. i tried it on for 20 min and it isn't really a miracle, but it did help my face relief itself from pain. I'm going to try it 2 days from now to see
if it helps my redness. but for now my face feels very fresh.

Good ol toothpate Comments By: Scott on 2009-12-14
Toothpaste takes your pimples away quickly. Just give it a shot
acne treatment Comments By: Linette on 2009-12-19
Okay reading one of the earlier comments.
Using toothpaste as a facemask. are you crazy!!! whoaa!!!
toothpaste should be only used last min spot treatment may be for 20 mins and ONLY on the affected area.

toothpaste? pimple remover or not? Comments By: khammo on 2009-12-27
well. wat kind of toothpaste brand shud i use? idk which one to use even tho i have lots at my house i still dnt knw which one to use. help?
Celebs use toothpaste! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-27
well. im 14. Im nerveous to use it. I heard Debby Ryan from Suite Life on Deck uses it. She tried it for bout 3 days and said later her skin was flawless. Is the tooth paste really safe. I have durable skin cuz I use oil soaps sometimes. Plz is it good?!
unless you want a scar dont use Comments By: Reena on 2009-12-28
well i had great skin and one daii i had a pimple so my cousin was like use the proactiv mask so me bein young n stupid i used it and now my face is horrible!! but bac to the toothpaste thing ive tried it and it jus made the skin around the pimple red and it burns!! also it left a scab on my face!!!! i would rather a pimple than a scab any day!!
Burn baby burn Comments By: Li on 2009-12-31
I got so frustrated with my pimples i just slabed it on my face and it felt like fire. I then rushed to wash it off five min later n its so hard to take it off ur skin...i recomend not using it unless u put it on little stuff and use a wash cloth to wash ur face and wash ur face very extremely well..put on moisterizer
It works...however Comments By: Heidi on 2009-12-31
Tips for toothpaste:
1. When you use it, make sure it's not the kind of toothpaste that has a gel strip, mint strips, or gel at all. Most people use Colgate white, which is just regular toothpaste.
2. ONLY put it on the AFFECTED areas! Not only will it dry out your skin, but it will burn and get sores, so only on the pimples!
3. For sensitive skin, don't leave it on for more than 1 hour! Some people say they could leave it on overnight, but it's different for others with sensitive skin.
4. Moisturize your face before putting it on!
5. Don't put the toothpaste on pimples that have already been popped.

:) With those tips, it will work!

I Just Put It On! Comments By: Kameren on 2010-01-03
So far im not sure... It doesnt so much burn its more of a tingly type feeling... i have acne all over my face. so i applied a VERY THIN layer all over. i use colgate mint (its all i had) I am only going to leave it on for 20 minutes. Not overnight! Ill let you guys no in 20 minutes how it went. Wish me luck.
It works's 4/5 Comments By: lol1234 on 2010-01-08
Is relly a good Trick .But i have experience with pimplae,but my probleam is the black pimples,do you know any help
sleeping with toothpaste.... Comments By: Dabha roanoak on 2010-01-15
Ahh it works but it gets all over my sheets when i sleep and having toothpaste all in my hair,i know i can wash it but its really annoying!
scabbing Comments By: jake on 2010-01-20
hey i just wanted the ones saying there pimple scabbed because of toothpaste it might be that u tried to hard to pop the pimple and ripped some skin off or somethin i had a big underground pimple scab over without toothpaste because i tried to hard to pop it
Toothpaste causes red skin Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-23
I used it over night, and now my skin is smooth yes, shiny yes, and it is also RED. ITS BEEN RED THE WHOLE DAY. i thought it would work... but it didnt work for me...
USE WITH THE FOLLOWING WARNING Comments By: anon on 2010-01-21
i had heard some good things about using toothpaste but after what has happened i will never use it again!
i has a few blemishes so i put a but on before i went to bed but i put too much and i ignored the burning sensation on my face. the next day i woke up with huge BURNS in the places i had put the toothpaste.
if you do use it, make sure you read warnings on how to apply and how much.
because otherwise you'll make your face even worse.
and you can barely cover the burns up with makeup.

Toothpaste warning! Comments By: Be careful on 2010-01-21
I recently used a toothpaste mask on my face; it worked wonders...

The second time I did it, I felt a really bad burning sensation and my eyes were tearing up...It was horrible

I wouldn't really recommend it but it did work for me; I didn't think that I had sensitive skin but I do...

hmmmmmm well..... Comments By: morgan on 2010-01-25
i am 12 and of course like almost every one at this age.....i have acne. i have tried everything! cleanclear, and acnefree. i have just put toothpaste on SOME of my face b_cuz i dont waana make mi face allll red if it doesnt work... it is burning kinda badly. that may b a problem. BUT i tried nuetragena last night 4 the 1st time and it kinda works. i have tried ice packs for hours and hours and hours but sometimes it doesnt work.....IM READY 2 TRY ANYTHING NOW!
IT WORKS Comments By: SASSY0935 on 2010-01-25
Tooth paste is good for pimples Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-28
Toothpaste works great but mint toothpaste burns your face I tried to put mint tp on my face the next morning my face was red so no mint tp ever thank. Gansta money out
SO FAR SO GOOD Comments By: Caitlin on 2010-01-31
I put toothpaste on my pimples about an hour ago. It's mint because that's all I had. So far my pimples are not red anymore and are noticeably smaller. Its not burning my skin, but I guess it depends on your skin type. WILL KEEP USING!
Not Good for Skin Comments By: Anonymous on 2010-02-03
I dont recommend using this method, because after doing this in the past, I had a spot on my face that's just a tad bit lighter than my skin tone. Please people, if your are going to use toothpaste, DONT KEEP IT OVERNIGHT!
toothpaste Comments By: lash on 2010-02-07
do not use mint toothpaste. You can feel your skin tingling as soon as you put it on. It does burn your skin because it's too strong for any skin type. Use only regular none whitening/mint toothpaste, and you will see results.
Acne i HATE it.... Comments By: kate on 2010-02-10
okay so I got told by alot that acne is more likely to go away with toothpaste so I used it and it woks good! I wear make up and the whole dont wear make up.... it will help the cause of acne is totally opposite for me when I dont wear it i break out! but everyones skin is different! i tried this white face mask poor cleaner it is GREAT! it was just something from walmart, but back to the toothpaste yeah ten to thirty min it wont burn after the first five. It feels cool on your face but its cleaning it! =) but this is my opinions!!!
Acne Scarring!.... Comments By: sumen on 2010-02-11
umh.. im wondering if it gets rid of my acne scarring?.. you know the lame spots left behind after ur pimple is poped or something... :] please do tell me i need to know asap.
DON'T USE IT Comments By: Pryl on 2010-02-11
I talked to my dermatologist about using toothpaste on my skin. I have sensitive skin and she said absolutely not.
Mint and Cinnamon can over dry, irritate and burn the skin. Flouride that is in just about all toothpastes today can irritate the skin, cause topical skin allergies, and make breakouts worse and cause extra skin flakiness (from drying & irritation). She said that she had also treated patients that ended up with severe chemical burns from whitening agents that are in just about all toothpastes. (I already knew that I had a allergy to whitening agents, because after brushing my teeth it made my gums slough off (Peel) and my dentist told me to try using basic toothpaste with nothing added to it like tartar control or whitening agents~ its hard to find).
Ask yourself if it is really worth the chance of pain, more irritation to the skin, worse breakouts and possible chemical burns to the skin just to save a few bucks instead of buying a achne treatment product that is specifically designed to help clear the skin?

It soooo work's :) Comments By: majbritt ( im a girl ) on 2010-02-14
hi suffers of acne...
I have a sulotion...
you can use sudo cream.
And It really works i'm
not joking...
I hope it works for you
other people,now all my spots
acne and pimples gone since last mounth
If you dont have sudo cream,
tooth paste will work as well..
all though sudo cream is better
I tested them myself...
I know cause my dad told me
and he knows cause he's
a doctor

hope it works

love from majbritt

IT WORKS! Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-18
Toothpaste works and I have sensitive skin. It absorbs all the humidity in the pimple. Put it on the nose/T-Zone area and you will see that a good amount of blackheads have gone away. Try it!
First Time.... Comments By: cYril on 2010-02-25

i read it all and i want to try it...

so this is my first time to try this..

if the result is bad..
what should i do??


not worth it.. Comments By: shannon on 2010-02-25
im 14 years old, and have around 4 spots on my forehead, they really get me down and wanted to do something about it, after reading all the comments on how good toothpaste should be i decided to try it. i left it on an area for 20mins it burnt a little but no major pain, i went to wipe it off and theres no change at all, really its just irritated my skin even more and brought the red pimples out! i wouldnt recommend trying this over my experience.
OMG!!!! Comments By: monica on 2010-02-27
There are so many things on here okay lets set things right!! I've used toothpaste and it works great for me specially on those zits that are bright red and hurt when you touch them i but toothpaste on the zit (DONT USE MINT) [i use the regular toothpaste] and leave it on i've never tried over night because i dont wanna get toothpaste all over my pillows but i leave it till i cant feel the cold spensation anymore then i take it off with water and a neutrogena shower gel! but on differin (you can get that by your doctor)-->^ and go to bed... Remember if you wear make up like cover up of consiler take it off first for better effect then put on the toothpaste. also try not to eat food that has a lot of fat like hambergers,french fries, or food like chocolate. try to stay away form milk. and Drink lots and lots of water!!!!! also what you can do is when your in the shower buy any cleaning product for you face!!!! i like to use neutrogena products. put the water as hot as i can stand it the hot water and stem opens up your poors put on the cleaning product and rub gently this will be easier to get all the nasty stuff out and will clear off your face!!! i've done all this and its worked great for me i just started this and it has cleared my face. try it and see how it works for you!!!! [toothpaste wont work on everybody's face as you can see on all the other comments
hi Comments By: yuri on 2010-03-07
ok toothpast worked for me so i put it on my embarising spot and after a minute it went small really small and i jumped so i put a dab on my area where there is smaal pimples around and i have at lesst 3 mins left so i'm really want it to work because i have school tomorrow and i hate hiding my pimples when ihave gym becaue i want to have my skin to show when i am so tired then trying to fix my hair to cover it so i hope it works
yeah sure Comments By: kira on 2010-03-08
i tried it for the first timeand it worked. no piimples wht so ever
It works, depending on your skin type. Comments By: Kate on 2010-03-15
Yes, it does work really really well if you dont have to sensitive skin. This is because toothpaste dries out the pimple leaving it not pussy, less red and more unoticible. I would recommend dabbing a small but of toothpaste to your pimple, or maybe a bit more depending how bad it is and leaving it overnight. I did this and i woke up and my pimple was almost completely gone! :)
Toothpaste rash (HELP!) Comments By: Graystream on 2010-03-17
I'm 13 and I heard that toothpaste was good for zits. I didn't reserach enough so I didn't know that you couldn't use mint toothpaste. I had these two jointed pimples on my cheeck that had not gone away for about a week so I put several types of toothpaste on it. In the begining it burnt and I got a rash. The skin around the area came off and it was very red. Finaly it scabed up and the scab fell off. And guess what was beneath the scab? THE PIMPLES WERE STILL THERE! It's been a month now and the pimples still haven't gone away. I'm already getting used to living with them, but they really bother me.

I recently just got two zits on my fourhead. I didn't know that you couldn't put mint toothpaste until today so I think I put it last night and now everything is burning again! It's all hapening again and I haven't even healed my last pimple! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU KNOW A WAY TO GET RID OF THESE BURNS OR RASHES OR WHATEVER THEY ARE. PLEASE!

comeing along... Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-16
I am 14 and is normally called very beatiful but,until my skin started breaking out i used a facial soap then i used toms natral mint toothpaste( i know everybody says dont use mint but in this case yes) since its natral it has no dyes. i left it on for about 10 mins. you could visibaly see the redness went down. it wasnt completly gone but its was comeing along. after that i used the facial soap again because my face was burning and after that the burning was gone.i believe if i countinue to use this method night and day i will be back to my normal self!
HELP Comments By: CRISTINA on 2010-04-01
use the toothpaste method Comments By: margii on 2010-04-06
i use toothpaste on my pimples and i only leave it on for 15 minutes and it completely works for me. DO NOT LEAVE IT ON ALL NIGHT!!!! i will cause blistering if you leave this on all night.
JUST BE CAREFUL Comments By: Jessica on 2010-04-09
I always had a prescription for my acne that works like a charm but my prescription ran out last week so I don't know what else to use. I heard of this from a friend and when I googled it I was told only 15 minutes is needed at a time.

So I only covered above the pimples and my nose so that MY ENTIRE FACE WAS NOT! COVERED. After a little burning I washed it off about 20 minutes later and seen that my nose was actually clear for once since it sucked everything out of the skin for me and my chin cleared up a little bit.

I recomend that anyone without sensitive skin use this method. DO NOT cover your entire face and DO NOT use it all night. Your skin will die because it can't air out like you need it to.

Dr says.... Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-28
Pop the suckers. if you let it stay later its gonna turn into hyperpigmentation
Don't Use Overnight!! Comments By: Nick Oleksiw on 2010-04-29
First night I left it on and was OK, but pimples still there.

SECOND night was awful. Woke up hurting on my face and saw RED SPOTS on the places I put the paste. Burned badly, it sucks a lot.

Should've used Lemon Juice...damn.

Sensitive Skin Comments By: Ashley on 2010-04-29
hey i have sensitive skin (REALLY SENSITIVE) and i tried toothpaste (it had whitener in it) and as soon as i put it on i cld feel it and i didn't leavve it on 4 more than 2 min. when i took it off i had a little bit of redness (from being irritated from the whitener im guessing) but the redness went away and my skin looked better. i suggest that when expirementing with toothpaste dont leave it on 4 long just try like 2-5 min. and DEFINETLY dont leave it on all night the first time u try it. the toothpaste did help a little :) dont put too much either and u shld b fine :)
Sensitive Skin Comments By: Ashley on 2010-04-29
hey i have sensitive skin (REALLY SENSITIVE) and i tried toothpaste (it had whitener in it) and as soon as i put it on i cld feel it and i didn't leavve it on 4 more than 2 min. when i took it off i had a little bit of redness (from being irritated from the whitener im guessing) but the redness went away and my skin looked better. i suggest that when expirementing with toothpaste dont leave it on 4 long just try like 2-5 min. and DEFINETLY dont leave it on all night the first time u try it. the toothpaste did help a little :) dont put too much either and u shld b fine :)
toothpaste remedy Comments By: jessica on 2010-05-15
It made my zit not be a bump anymore. make sure you dont load it on tho because one time i did and it pealed alooot!
What kind of toothpaste??? Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-16
I personally use Crest pro health toothpaste and it got rid of my pimples overnight! who knew?!
All Good Things in Moderation! Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-20
While I believe that using toothpaste works well, I don't think it should be on for more than 30 minutes. I only ever leave it on for 15. It stings a bit, and is red for a little while after (so it isn't instant gratification!)... but my face feels refreshed and much less oily after, and my pimples are reduced significantly.
Works for Me Comments By: Amelia Roundtree on 2010-05-20
I've been using toothpaste for my pimples ever since I first heard about it in an article when I was 13, and now I'll be 20 in a couple of weeks. It's a great "quick fix" that I use at least once a week. I dab a little on the breakouts at night, and wash it off with a scrub first thing in the morning. It may take a couple of days for mostly everything to be gone, but that's faster (and cheaper) than most acne products out there.

You HAVE to use a plain, white toothpaste. The gels and whitening toothpaste products are the worst on the skin, in my experience. They tend to burn the worst and help the least. Be aware that not every person and not every product is the same, so just because you or someone else had a single, bad experience does not mean that will always be the same result. Sometimes all it takes is a different brand, which makes the traveler packages very helpful when finding a good one.

Someone starting out may realize that toothpaste actually has an aroma. Try not to put it too close below and beside the eyes because the aroma alone can/will sting for about the first 30 seconds. This is normal and has no real harm that I know of. At least it's not as bad as cutting onions.

Avoid putting it on an already popped pimple. I learned the hard way that it stings terribly bad, but it does help clean out the last little bit and prevents a nasty infection. I've known people that have had pimples turn into an abscess.

Do know that I do have naturally dry and sensitive skin, particularly on the face and scalp. Thanks to lice shampoo, I found out from a doctor that it's actually more sensitive than normal. NEVER have I had any major problems with using toothpaste on my skin. It may sting a little, but this is normal for everyone. If you ignore it, it will go away after a few minutes. So stop the complaining. You might actually be tricking yourself into thinking it's worse without actually realizing it. Goes along the lines of "Mind over Matter."

My sister asked her dermatologist about this once, and responded by saying basically what I am saying now. It works for some but not all. It is a quick fix deal just as are most acne treatments on the market today. And it is in only rare cases that toothpaste will actually corrode the skin.

iffy Comments By: craig on 2010-05-21
Overnight is a very bad idea, it will burn your skin quite badly.
Doing it for up to a hour or so though then removing it works great for the red patches left over by spots though.

Goodness, people please! Comments By: BobbiJo on 2010-06-03
It depends on your type of skin, so stop scaring people to death with "oh no, it burns!" What happens with your skin, might not happen to other peoples.
Formula.. Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-10
Toothpaste works pretty well for me, Mint or no. The trick is - yes, even if you have sensitive skin like me - NOT TO LEAVE IT ON FOR TOO LONG. I put it on, get in the bath, and make sure it's completely gone before I'm out of the shower. So it's on for like 10-20 minutes MAX. It dries out your skin at first, but if you're willing to deal with the slight discomfort for an hour or so it'll go away. Otherwise, I take Vitamin C every day, plus drink lots of water. Vitamin C is really good for your skin, and so is water. If you stay away from the pop and junk food, you'll be pimple-free in a few weeks.
Not very sure.... Comments By: Lyssie on 2010-06-10
I tried but it was hot!I felt my skin burning. I then rinse it off.
Toothpaste Comments By: BOO on 2010-06-12
I have alot of pimple scare and there is some pimple that is red.. I am trying the toothpaste hope this will work, I want my clear face again not with lot of pimple around it...
toothpaste Comments By: john williams on 2010-06-15
i used Colgate cavity protection and it works amazing !
Errrrr.... Comments By: Pat on 2010-06-19
I have a pimple on my nose. I have never tried this before & the bad comments are making me have second thoughts... but I want it gone & fast... So how does it work for oily skin is my question.
Read First! Comments By: Shiki on 2010-06-22
There are people on here saying that they left the toothpaste on their face overnight and then say that toothpaste is bad... But the thing is, the instructions NEVER said to LEAVE THE TOOTHPASTE ON OVERNIGHT.

So read first before you say something possibly silly, foolish people.

Not badd Comments By: Victoriaaaa on 2010-07-17
Okay. I have this HUGE zit right under my nose, you can see from like really far away, its gross.
I've had it on for about 30 minutes now, and it burns a little. But I looked in the mirror and its not some huge big fat THING anymore. Thank gosh.
It was nastyyy. Anyways Im going to take it off in like 5 minutes and I'll review again.

Im backkk Comments By: Victoriaaaa on 2010-07-17
Nothing really happened..
I took it off and it was smaller, barely, but still.

So you got burned from toothpaste? Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-19
After you take off toothpaste mask and the pimple is popped or the toothpaste burned or scabbed the skin, the pimple is no longer a pimple but an open wound, and what do we put on open wounds? Neosporin!! With a q-tip apply neosporian to the area, do NOT apply anywhere that isn't infected because neosporin is a greasy healer and may break out other areas of your face. Also, the greasy healing power of neosporin is perfect for the burns or scabs left from the toothpaste!
Softer ! Comments By: Anonymous on 2010-07-23
Toothpaste works perfectly fine! The buring means it's killing bacteria which is a GOOD thing...many people i know use it. This seems to be the only solution i can use at this point.
i'm not on anyone's side.. Comments By: _siska_ on 2010-07-28
as for me...i used toothpaste after i use my work but make sure u don't rub yr skin to hard..that will hurt yr face real bad...u can at least give it a try..
[p.s somebody please correct if I'm wrong]...happy trying n good luck!!=)

WOW!!!!! Comments By: YAY on 2010-07-26
My Result Comments By: StDaRa on 2010-07-28
Well, I have about one big clump of pimples on my left cheek that's about 5 big red ones and small ones on my forehead and right cheek & I decided to try the toothpaste method. I put on some colgate toothpaste about 40 min back & removed about 10 min ago. Only kept it for 30 min & I have oily skin which is not sensitive. It burned for about 10 min & stopped soon after. When I went to remove it, my acne was slightly less red and slightly smaller. I was expecting the pimpled to get worse, but luckily, it did not :) It burned after I took it off and went to get me an egg. I separated the egg white from the egg yolk and threw away the yolk. I then got the egg white and put it on my face for about 10 minutes. It cooled down my face from the burn which was good. Well, I rinsed it off with cold water and my skin felt good, but the acne was still the same. It's your choice if you want to try it and for hor how long. It made no difference to me so I'm just going to use it to clean my teeth. I recommend trying Hydrogen Peroxide, it worked wonders for me the first week. It would've probably worked better if I didn't use it continuously as it said on the page I saw it on. Only rinse your face with warm water, then soak a cotten ball or q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and place on the only the acne. It will sting a bit and it'll seem as though you got whiteheads, but that's just the HP working on your skin. You can leave it on or wash it off after 30 min, your choice. That's about it & I hope I helped.

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