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Storage is always a problem in every home. Having a bigger home will not solve your storage problems. Here you will find solutions for storage and some innovative storage ideas

 Bathroom supplies, Storing toilet rolls
 Keep toilet paper close at hand and ready to use!

 Creating space for toilet paper
 Buy an extra plunger or 2 (or cut a broom handle in 1/2 ) then store ...

 Extra closet storage
 Use curtain extension rods at the back of a closet two or three feet ...

 Handle Your Toilet Rolls
 The next time you buy toilet rolls, slip a few of them over the ...

 Make your own storage boxes
 Use old square shaped liquid containers, fabric softener etc., cut ...

 More Storage from the Space You Have
 Form the corners of your closets the drawers that pull out in your ...

 Organize your childrens boots
 Organise your childrens boots:

 Organizing Closets.
 Its time to get those closets cleaned and organized. You know that ...

 Paper towel holders in the bathroom
 Here is another use for a paper towel holder

 Perfectly flat plastic bags!
 To get plastic bags perfectly flat for more efficient storage, fold ...

 Store everything in it's place
 Keep everything in it's place and you will be able to find it when ...

 Storing suitcases
 Keep your suitcases in storage smelling great using this tip:

 Too many Towels?
 Do you have too many towels in the bathroom? Get organized using ...

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